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As a video artist, this app is fantastic.

I stumbled upon this by chance because I needed a decent chroma key app for on-the-go video art. This app is a DREAM. I am giving 5 stars because this app needs love and it’s the only one in the App Store that does what it does so well. It does have some places it can improve but, you know, later version or something. I’m patient. What’s to love: HD export! Perfect. Work area is touch friendly. Three layers for video/images. Projects can be saved and loaded later. Chroma Key can be adjusted to any color/sensitivity. Interface is simple enough to use. Final result looks fantastic! (This depends on your source footage, of course) Fast! Relatively stable. What could use work: More adjustments for chroma key - edge blur maybe? Keyframes! I love how I can positing things in the editing window via touch. It would be even cooler if those things could change positions over the course of the video. With three layers, you could do a great parallax effect. A couple more editing buttons? Or at least a “split clip” option - “trim” only goes one way. Support for aspect ratios other than 16:9 On the whole, this is my favorite chroma key app on this platform. Definitely worth a try.

Voices are delayed

Hello, we love using this app for videos but there is something wrong with the audio.For example whenever we talk the audio is always ahead of our mouth movements.Please fix this issue.Thank you.

I hate it


what the freak

Okay I can’t like import my video and it’s really annoying so um yeah 👀👀 I’m big bad but whateva, I wasted $3 😓, my fault GAHA

This is the best app ever!!

I have made a lot of great videos using this app! It’s User-friendly, just freaking AWESOME!! This is by far hands down the best green screen app I have found SO FAR!! I give this app two thumbs up , five stars!! I can’t wait until the next update. Go Team, Do Inc.! Go Go Go!! I hope you have a great day.

Good just one thing

The animation and drawing app that you made is only for iPad and I have iPhone

Hate It

Horrible can’t even get it camera roll never using it again

A Wonderful App for Classroom Use

Best green screen app hands-down for classroom use. Easy for little ones to use and share.

Didnt help me

I was talking about colors

Good but...

When I add a effect I downloaded to my phone it has a green outline

Freezes and crashes way too much

I’m beyond frustrated at this point. The app has crashed and stalled more than 10 times in the last two days. I used to love this app!


I’m so confused, how do you watch the video after you record it

Good ;)

The App works good, but one problem is the further in the game the laggy it gets, soon Your game will crash. please Fix

Overcharged $6.00

It said $2.99 in the App Store...just checked and I was charged $8.99????!!!!


I can’t even upload a video cause when I put it onto iCloud Drive from my phone and do it on the app it says there was a problem creating your project

This app is great but...

Ok I could not find a good app out there for green screen but when I found this I was so exited the one downfall is the cost I think this should be free and also it’s not that user friendly but I give it a 4 Star!

Don’t waste your money on this.

I bought this app for an English project when the other app I was recommended was incompatible with my devices. The green screen did not show up most times and the app made my images blurry and unusable. Definitely don’t even try this, it’s not worth the $3 I just wasted.


Hi. I just got the app and was wondering if there is an alternative to the drawing and animation app because that is only for iPad and I am on an iPhone. How can I do the same thing (for example having a rocket fly across the screen)?


This app is perfection, there is absolutely nothing wrong. There are so many people complaining about the fact that you can't export to the camera roll, when in fact you can — pay closer attention before complaining about nothing first.

Ok...not awesome

To be honest this was not a good app, it has a lot of annoying glitches ( like braking down) and stupid setup errors like not being able to delete a project... also the quality of the images is absolutely TERRIBLE, seriously I film stuff in HD yet end up with literally 240p ( that’s if I’m lucky). And you only get like 3 or 4 tools to work with. But all in all, it does the job. If I were you I would only get this if it’s free, if you’re only doing simple things and don’t care about the quality, or if you’re desperate. If not don’t bother getting this app, you’ll only get frustrated.

Fix the app

Every time I try making something on the app, it crashes

Do inc

The actor is on alien planet

Good but not great

I was almost finished with editing a video and now it keeps on force quitting on me every time I try to get into my project.

Great app. Read this if you are having difficulties

Originally, I was confused about how to use this app. You need to put the background photo/video on the bottom, and the greenscreen photo/video on the top. Once figured that out, it worked great!

Cool App

I’m a high schooler who had a project I bought a green screen on amazon then I started looking up apps I started with other apps that were very complicated and took me hours just for one clip with ugly water drop. then after almost refilming my whole project I came across this. It is amazing and could be used by anyone

From a middle school tech teacher


It’s good

I like the app you can do different backgrounds well it starts confusing then when you get it it works

Students & Teachers ❤️This App!

Well-designed and EASY to use! A must app for every classroom!




This app has changed my classroom. Writing is much more fun. We created characters, took pictures and then created a video with my students reading their stories. It was amazing Super easy to learn. YOU NEED THIS APP IN YOUR LIFE.

does not work

Got the app took a video and was really excited but then tried to export it to my photos but did not work tried it a few times, won't work.Also it has green and black speckles and does not look good the video is covered in speckles and look bad.

Trash part 2

The tutorial was cringe and it wasn’t helpful the tutorial doesn’t help i still don’t know how to use the app.

App just gave up

Just updated this app, and now I can't even import photos or videos into my project. And guess what? Whenever I refresh the app, the project I had open is deleted! Please do something RIGHT NOW.

Finally! (Add one thing)

This is the app I’ve spent days and failed google searches for! Amazing for memeing. Can you add one thing? When editing a video (like trimming, cutting, pasting, etc.) Can you add a “split” option? So if I want to draw a green screen at a different place using the same video I wouldn’t have to go through and split it however many times myself. That would totally enhance the experience. Thanks!

Best app ever!

You did a great job I even have a YouTube channel called puppets are amaze and I used this app and it was amazing so I am just happy that there is a good green screen app😃

Problem with being able to see the person with the background still lit up and good

I like this app sometimes because sometimes everything is awesome and other times the app is weird and the picture will be fine but the back ground is to dark and will turn into the green screen and when I try to fix it then the person is see through and that won’t work that well on making it look real. Pls respond as fast as possible on a fix or if I’m doing something wrong.

Fantastic App!!!

In a sea of green screen turds, it should be noted that this app actually works and works well! I made the mistake of downloading two other well rated apps and they were utterly horrible. Please reward a solid engineering effort and buy this app. Bravo!!!

Nice, HD

So far so good, having fun playing with it. I like the HD outcome. I just ordered a green screen background from Amazon and can’t wait to try it. The only thing, I don’t know if it has the feature or not, I cannot get it in portrait mode.


The app makes whatever video i import a horrible grainy quality

A waste of money

The app won’t even download! Please fix this

It’s crashing badly...

This app has done fine for years now, but all the sudden it’s crashing, I’ve tried to fix it but I’m out of luck! Please fix this!

new feature idea

i love the app, but i need it to where i can move one video in a continuous motion (ken burns). i need it soon so please make it if you can, thanks.

How come there is no white Color?!?

Out of all the colours in the world you didn’t choose white. THIS APP IS PAID!! Other than that it’s fine.

Professional/ cinematic videos galore!

The app support by the developers is prompt, warm, and caring! The app allows me to create professional looking dog training videos. People love my videos and compliment how polished they look!

Great App

Love this app! I had no problems saving to my camera roll, and exporting...don’t know where these reports are coming from. As long as you record in a well lit area (which is just good practice...) the result is amazing. I think people who are bashing this app aren’t taking the time to understand it, and think it’s a magic bullet for sloppy camera work. As with all good recording, make sure you are in a well lit area and definitely use a tripod. Sky is the limit!

It works great

But where the splitting tool? I can’t split clips. It would be cool if I could move a item around the screen using this app. Animation would be well worth. It’s gonna take a while to trim each clip instead of the typical split. I actually don’t know if I can do it but there’s no way to know otherwise because I can’t export clips with truly transparent backgrounds. They just turn up as black instead of tranparent. If I knew how to do this assuming it’s possible then this would be the easiest 5 star of my life. Because then in other apps I could manage moving objects around the screen that are already composited I guess.


Absolutely amazing App! Easy to use with Incredible functionality. Love the ability to layer pictures and videos, as well as pinch to resize and rotate. Love this app so much I converted my bonus room into a green screen room, then spent two days making a Star Wars parody with my family!😆 Get the App! You won't regret it! I'd give it 10 Stars if I could.


This app deleted my school project out of the blue and I have to redo it. Fix this app.

Super cool app⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The possibilities are endless! This app allows you to green screen anything! For those of you who don't know what that means... basically your able to create video or photo stickers (gifs), size, and rotate them in your videos😯👍 I'm super excited about using this in my upcoming videos!

What a rip off

You can not do anything with your project because the 3 options that developer mentioned before, not true. I never got those 3 options, I want to save it to my camera roll and it's impossible. The app work great, but when you are going to save it is a nightmare, the app create an extension to the file that's is unique ...doing something. I will contact apple to get a refund, don't waist your money but specially your time !

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